Blood Circulating Machine to Control B.P, Diabetes and Weight

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The vibration circulation machine is developed directly to promote the circulation of oxygen & blood in the body. WHOLE BODY VIBRATION: Helpful in increasing bone density & strengthen muscle tissue. The blood circulation machine comes with speed controller & produces vibration from the feet up distributing vibration energy to the entire body, helps in improving metabolism, control blood pressure and diabetes, fat & inch loss & rebuild healthy body.

5 IN 1 TECHNOLOGY: All in one technology like Acupressure Therapy, Vibration/Massage Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Metallic Therapy and Infrared helps facilitates and accelerate weight loss, increases and oxygenates blood flow in whole body, increases energy, reduces strain on joints, ligaments and tendons, helps reduce cellulite, controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

EASY TO USE : Simply stand bare feet on the machine or sit on the machine for whole body vibration or lie down on your chest or abdomen to help slimming abdomen, helpful in curing upper limb disorder like arthritis, tennis elbow etc. Can be used for massaging different body parts. A 10 minute exercise session on Oxygen and Blood circulation machine is as effective as a 45-60 minute workout routine.

NOTE: C.O.D Is Not Available on This Product
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