Arogya Portable V3 Jade Massage Bed

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ARG health Care Portable V3 Massage Bed scans the spine of each user according to their spine length and uses that information to offer an unprecedented, personalized thermal massage experience. This portable bed offers you 12 massage programs.The ARG Portable Massage Bed features a slide-in bed that ensures minimum space usage.The internal projector, while moving along the body from head to pelvis, measures the length of your spine and the degree of your spinal curvature to suggest a massage that best-accommodates your body.


·The ARG Portable Massage Bed offers you 12 massage programs.

1. Automatic mode
2. Mode 1: Same mode as that of the existing automatic thermal massager.
3. Mode 2: Promotes relaxation.
4. Mode 3: Promotes stability.
5. Mode 4: Promotes circulation.
6. Mode 5: Promotes health.
7. Mode 6: Promotes energy.
8. Mode 7: Promotes concentration.
9. Mode 8: Promotes deep sleep.
10. Mode 9: Promotes well-balanced body.
11. Semi automatic mode:area repetition.
12. Manual mode:thermal pressure.

The APMS (Advanced Projector Moving System) that automatically accommodates each user`s spinal curvature also offers the 6 levels of intensity control so that you can choose the intensity of massage you want.
MP3 Feature: Relax your body and mind through a thermal massage accompanied by music.
User Friendly Remote Control: The large screen display, easily recognizable icons, minimal characters, and key descriptions on back all make it easier for everyone to use the Automatic Thermal Massager.
Sliding Design: The Automatic Thermal Massager has a slide-in feature. This seat offers not only heating but superior spatial efficiency as well.
2 External Projectors: 9 Ball Projector and 3 ball Projector (Convenient to use to abdomen, shoulder, arm and leg. Can be used together with the main massager or in the two-people mode).


· A thermal massager relieves the muscle main by providing a certain amount of heat to the human body.
· ARG Portable Massage Bed gives effect of healing, acupressure and rolling thermal massage.
· It is good for eliminating the pains in back, also well in improving blood circulation.
· Gives a superlative massage. Reduces tension and stress Improves blood circulation Burns calories and helps to controls weight , Removes body toxins Relieves back, neck and leg pain Boosts your immune system.Restores proper spinal alignment
· Thermal Massage treatment gives the benefits of acupuncture without the discomfort of inserting a needle into human body.
· The Internal Thermal Massage Heads automatically massage muscles and tendons around the spine, relieving tension and helping energy flows. Massaging the spinal area relaxes hardened nerve roots and improves the circulation of energy
· Thermal massage involves manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm and stress. It also improves functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems and may improve the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness

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Model: ARG729B
Voltage:ac220v, 50/60hz
Power consumption:360va
In the box:1pc arg portable massage bed with remote control,1pc external 9 ball projector,1pc external 3 ball projector and instruction manual.

Note: C.O.D is not available on this product

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